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Building a Museum







If you are a big fan of communications and culture, and the Radio and Television of Portugal (aka the national broadcasting services) considers you for building their Online Museum, well, that's life smiling at you.

It happened to the Wizards and they won the pitch. They built for the RTP an online Museum that brings to life, and to a wide audience, many of the objects, images, videos, documents, spaces and equipments that shaped more than 80 years of public Radio service and 60 years of public Television. They also imagined and developed creative and interactive ways to engage the museum visitors.

Here are some of The Wizard's favourite features:

  • A special multimedia content explorer developed for the desktop homepage;
  • More than a thousand pieces of TV and Radio equipment beautifully photographed;
  • 1500+ TV & Radio clips to watch and listen, properly indexed by Dates and Themes;
  • The cool vintage Exterior Van from the late 50's that you can explore online.
  • An autonomous engine that allows the RTP staff to create temporary and themed exhibitions, selecting and combining items from the Museum Collection;
  • A Virtual Studio where you can become a news anchorman (or woman) and record your live performance.

Now the Museum you see online today is the second iteration that the Wizards built. It's an evolution from a first full-flash 3D heavy extravaganza that successfully delighted visitors before the small-screen speed-hungry era we live in now. In 2017 the Wizards rebuilt The Museum it from the ground up. They used elastic materials, lighter code and new features that play well with mobile devices. The visits keep growing...


Summon The Wizards close
I, my name from my company hereby summon The Wizards to help me with my project for about my budget euros. Please contact me via my email or my phone number.