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Spotting The Bottle


Mateus Rosé





Research showed rosé drinkers have a preference for purchasing rosé wine in clear glass. And so the iconic flask-shaped bottle of Mateus Rosé changed from its classic green glass to colourless, clear glass. The Wizards were put in charge of spreading the word.

The funny thing about a clear glass wine bottle is that the emptier it is, the harder it is to find. Not just because your vision eventually gets a bit blurred from the spirit but also because the bottle becomes effectively more transparent.

It was around such insight that the Wizards created a game. Spot the New Mateus Bottle challenged every(legal)body in Portugal to do just that: to beat  30 levels of increasing difficulty & decreasing wine with just 3 lives. Extra points for spotting the bottle below the 60 seconds level time-limit and for finding all 9 special Easter eggs that revealed additional brand content. The prize was one year of Mateus Rosé and the winner took it all.

In just one month, more that 17.000 unique visitors landed on the site and played around 30.000 rounds of the game, averaging a smashing 5 minutes on site and - as The Wizards intended - actively searching for and paying extra attention to the new clear glass Mateus bottle.

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